That’s the Biggest Box of Cracker Jack’s I’ve Ever Seen!

I thought, "I'll bet I could give Cracker Jacks to everybody in school." That huge Cracker Jack box must have had me drooling at the thought of crawling through it to get at the prize and a mighty huge prize it would have been, a baseball glove, a Lincoln Logs set, or...

The Ghosts of Chicago White Sox Drafts Past

Although Major League Baseball has been around since 1869, the baseball draft is relatively new. I would have thought it started in the 1930s or maybe 1950s, but the first Free Agent Amateur draft was in 1965. Thus, tomorrow's Major League Baseball draft which begins...


It's been more than 15 years since I moved from the Midwest to California. I made my decision to move no-matter-what while on my way to work early on a January morning. I happened to be sitting in my car on a cold snowy day when I made my decision. Did I mention the...

Memoir: My First (and Almost Only) Time Watching a Car Race

Many of my friends go to car races often. A couple of them could be considered big fans of the sport. I'm a pretty big fan of baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and even golf. I bowl in a league at least once a week. I even pay some attention to soccer and...

Even When It’s Painful, I Love Taking the Train

All-in-all, the trip restored my faith in Amtrak. However, I will never sit on a train for two days again. It’s just too long a period of time to be confined to a limited space with a train full of strangers. It’s also too hard to sleep comfortably in a chair, even if the chair is relatively comfortable. There are only two ways I will ever make such a trip again.

Visiting Wrigley Field Again

This might upset some Cubs fans, but I don’t care. I just returned from a trip to Chicago where (in addition to seeing my family) I saw three baseball games, two at Sox park, one at the Cubs park and I agree with Hawk Harrelson, I’ll never go back to Wrigley Field again. I hadn’t been to Clark and Addison in more than 20 years and even though Comiskey Park wasn’t much of a ballpark at that time I thought Wrigley Field was even worse – a real dump to say the least.

Problems Leaving L. A.

I'm taking the train from L.A. To Chicago. The first leg was from Ventura to L.A. The train from L.A. To Chicago arrived late. Then five minutes after the train was due to leave they had everyone in the last two cars exit the train. The reason: they made a mistake the...

Heading to Chi Town

It's just a few hours before I hop on a train to take me from California to Chicago for my first visit there in more than four years. Since it's going to be the heat of summer and I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it, but I haven't seen my friends and family in a...

Mid-Season Chicago White Sox Report

As long as the Sox are terrible and going to remain terrible for the rest of the season wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to be terrible while building their future?

Sending My Mind and Memory Back to 1968

This is about the way the John Hancock building looked the first time I saw it, although I first saw it while driving into Chicago on the Kennedy Expressway in June 1968 – shortly after my discharge from the Army. My first two years of high school were just a couple blocks from where the Hancock Building would be. My first year of college was at Loyola University, also a couple blocks away. During that year I often had lunch on the lawn in front of the Chicago Water Tower

What’s Going on with the Cubs ??

After 108 years the jinx was finally broken when the Cubs finally won the World Series, but now it's looking like it was just a fluke. The stars aligned, luck was finally on their side, but in the end, they weren't really that good a baseball team. At least that could...

Sayings of Caledon Pritz

Not Guessing

“Got my glasses fixed yesterday. I’m really pleased cuz they were cleaned, too. Now I’m not guessing as much when I drive.” ~ Caledon


“I thought the neighbor’s dog finally went to sleep, but apparently, there was still another hours worth of important barking to do.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Maybe you’re waiting for closure, even though you’ve already gotten it.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Life’s a waste of time.” ~ Caledon


If no one applauds when you walk on stage, does that mean you aren’t there?” ~ Caledon Pritz

Being Old

A man is not old until his ears are too big for his head.” ~ Caledon


If you’re not building your own dreams, then whose are you building?” ~ Caledon Pritz

For Some

For some life is a catastrophe, for others it is merely an apostrophe.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Look Out…

“Be careful Mrs. Butterworth, things could get a bit sticky around here.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Don’t let the past steal your gifts.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Caviar or Peanut Butter

A $200 ounce of caviar is no more filling that a 20¢ ounce of peanut butter.” ~ Caledon Pritz

The Day

“Either you run the day, or you run away.” ~ Caledon


Yesterday might have been terrible, but stop fretting about it. You made it to today, and that’s good.” ~ Caledon Pritz


A difficult thing about life is letting things be what they are rather than trying to make them what you want them to be” ~ Caledon Pritz

Life… Again

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% what happens to you, or is it the other way around?” ~ Caledon Pritz

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