Flavor of a Sunday Afternoon

Flavor of a Sunday Afternoon

In one room a radio Jazz moan of clarinet wail of saxophone crawling with intense itching with delight clubbing with frequent scratching and forever beating bumpa bumpa bumpa like the heartbeat like blood flailing at the temples like giant steps in baby shoes like a...

Haiku: Awareness

Today I sat down a bit longer than I thought but wasn't thinking I don't remember thinking about trees or birds or even breathing...


Late afternoon staringover mountains elevation beyond sunset reddish streaks across graying clouds like hair shimmering, tossed by the wind framing dusk in easy harmony There is the screaming, "What the hell is wrong with you? "You never understand?" "You're...



Today is National Crayon Day. One of the crayons used to color the picture on the right is being retired (Dandelion). This poem was not written for this day. It was written after reading a poem by William C. Williams. Still this poem fits this day.   SLEEPY As the...

Poem: Wondering

Talking to the car salesman I am wondering should I take it for a test drive or just write the check and get it over with Holding the can of whipped cream I am wondering should I shoot it into the hot chocolate or just spray it into my mouth and get it over...

Oozing Colors

Just an artist painting in thoughts carefully culled across a canvas of vast glorious mesh of electrons feeding colors Here screams a galloping calamity there frets a feathered fawning around the edge a contusion inside the outside of others eating colors You see his...

A Video Worth Watching

Lichen Crackling

Fifty thousand times I have said I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry But like the ocean wave That returns and returns again Pounding the beach Soothing the beach Forgiving the beach There seems to be No difference No difference at all You remain cold With lichen crackling...

Losing a Poem

Is this a poem or just words flying by like red winged birds the days are light and old men sight the openings and closings Mesmerize and hold the prize like old sold soiled spoiled well worn ties creating a simple foreign guise within subways both ways You could say...

Sayings of Caledon Pritz

Not Guessing

“Got my glasses fixed yesterday. I’m really pleased cuz they were cleaned, too. Now I’m not guessing as much when I drive.” ~ Caledon


“I thought the neighbor’s dog finally went to sleep, but apparently, there was still another hours worth of important barking to do.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Maybe you’re waiting for closure, even though you’ve already gotten it.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Life’s a waste of time.” ~ Caledon


If no one applauds when you walk on stage, does that mean you aren’t there?” ~ Caledon Pritz

Being Old

A man is not old until his ears are too big for his head.” ~ Caledon


If you’re not building your own dreams, then whose are you building?” ~ Caledon Pritz

For Some

For some life is a catastrophe, for others it is merely an apostrophe.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Look Out…

“Be careful Mrs. Butterworth, things could get a bit sticky around here.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Don’t let the past steal your gifts.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Caviar or Peanut Butter

A $200 ounce of caviar is no more filling that a 20¢ ounce of peanut butter.” ~ Caledon Pritz

The Day

“Either you run the day, or you run away.” ~ Caledon


Yesterday might have been terrible, but stop fretting about it. You made it to today, and that’s good.” ~ Caledon Pritz


A difficult thing about life is letting things be what they are rather than trying to make them what you want them to be” ~ Caledon Pritz

Life… Again

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% what happens to you, or is it the other way around?” ~ Caledon Pritz

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