Monday Memoir: The Wart

I entered two memoirs in the Ventura Writer's Club Memoir Contest. One, Baker, took the second place prize. This one, The Wart, did not win any prize. In a way, I'm glad it didn't. As it is, it isn't a true memoir, because I made up what happened after I was sent out...

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Monday Memoir: Baker

I was about to comment about the four miles between where we were and where we were going when Baker waved his hand in front of my face and a switchblade knife snapped open.

To say that scared me was an understatement.

“You know…” he said in a very hushed voice. “You know, I could kill you, real quiet like.”

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Monday Memoir: My Shelties Saved My Life

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your eyes,” the eye doctor said, “I think it’s in your head.” “What,” I thought, “is he trying to tell me I’m imagining it or that I’m crazy?” “There is no problem with your eyes,” he continued. “You have 20-20 vision. I...

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Memoir Monday: Five Tips for Writing a Memoir

Sometimes I think I'm a scratched record, repeating the same lyrics again and again. However, I was a teacher for a few years and learned that not every student understood something the first time I explained it. Often I had to repeat and rephrase, using different...

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Memoir Monday: Roller Skating

I love to watch Gene Kelly dance. He's so smooth, so confident on his feet. When I saw this video I was totally amazed, especially considering my own experiences on roller skates. How could anybody tap dance (at the 2:18 mark) on four little wheels? My father met my...

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Memoir Monday: Mezuzah Boxes

For me, a Catholic boy  with fervent Catholic parents and 13 years of Catholic schooling, one of the coolest things I saw when I was about nine years old was the inside of a Jewish classmate’s house. I wish I remembered his name, but I knew him for barely a year. His...

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Monday Memoir: an Outline

I was working on a couple memoirs, hoping to post one of them here today, but it's not ready yet. The other is for the Ventura Writer's Memoir Contest, which I will post here after the contest. For today I have a little form, a basic outline I use to help me get my...

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Memoir Monday: Don’t Get Too Big, Too Fast

Mistakes you’re likely to make. The past few weeks I’ve been talking about writing a personal essay or memoir essay. Memoirs that are usually short -- at least 500 words, less than 15,000. For some people writing a personal essay is a prelude, a warm-up to writing a...

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Memoir Monday: Let’s be Honest

A couple weeks ago took part in a panel discussion about memoir writing. A big concern of the audience had to do with being honest and naming names. I think the answers we gave were adequate, but I’ve been thinking about them off and on ever since. First be as honest...

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Memoir Monday: More Techniques

Every Monday I'll be adding a memoir related post to this blog. Last week I began by telling some of what I’ve learned about writing the memoir or personal essay and left you with some techniques to help you choose a story from your life to write about. My goal is to...

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Memoir Monday: Writing a Memoir Essay

Memoir writing takes guts. It’s revealing and personal – sometimes even painful to put on the page. Some people know exactly what they want to write about when they start. Most of us live such interesting lives that we often think to ourselves, Should I write a...

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Memoir Monday: The Towel Market

So we’re walking down the street. It’s a beautiful day in San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital city. Leah is eating ice cream from a cup. I’m eating a two scoop ice cream cone. A taxi pulls up alongside us. I can see a woman in the back seat furiously rolling down the...

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Sayings of Caledon Pritz

Not Guessing

“Got my glasses fixed yesterday. I’m really pleased cuz they were cleaned, too. Now I’m not guessing as much when I drive.” ~ Caledon


“I thought the neighbor’s dog finally went to sleep, but apparently, there was still another hours worth of important barking to do.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Maybe you’re waiting for closure, even though you’ve already gotten it.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Life’s a waste of time.” ~ Caledon


If no one applauds when you walk on stage, does that mean you aren’t there?” ~ Caledon Pritz

Being Old

A man is not old until his ears are too big for his head.” ~ Caledon


If you’re not building your own dreams, then whose are you building?” ~ Caledon Pritz

For Some

For some life is a catastrophe, for others it is merely an apostrophe.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Look Out…

“Be careful Mrs. Butterworth, things could get a bit sticky around here.” ~ Caledon Pritz


Don’t let the past steal your gifts.” ~ Caledon Pritz

Caviar or Peanut Butter

A $200 ounce of caviar is no more filling that a 20¢ ounce of peanut butter.” ~ Caledon Pritz

The Day

“Either you run the day, or you run away.” ~ Caledon


Yesterday might have been terrible, but stop fretting about it. You made it to today, and that’s good.” ~ Caledon Pritz


A difficult thing about life is letting things be what they are rather than trying to make them what you want them to be” ~ Caledon Pritz

Life… Again

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% what happens to you, or is it the other way around?” ~ Caledon Pritz

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