Father’s Day (2018)

I’ve been a father more than 30 years now and a grandfather, four. The granddaughter likes to remind me that I do not know everything, even though she seems to think I will know the answer to any question or concern she might have. However, she has not yet wondered why she is told to wish me a Happy Father’s Day.

Pickles Cartoon - Father's Day

Bookstore Humor… And All This Time You Thought It Was a Storage Problem

I’ve often gone into bookstores, especially used book stores where there are often shelves of books six, seven, even as much as ten feet above the floor. I was in one last week looking for books by John Scalzi and Daniel Silva. I needed one of those periscopes I had when I was a kid, one of those things with two or three tubes with mirrors arranged in such a way that you could look in one end and see high over your head with the other. I needed one of those to see if there were any books by either author. It looked like Scalzi’s books would have been on the top row, ten feet up and Silva’s two row’s lower… just far enough away so I couldn’t make out the title or author listed on the binding of most of the books on that row eight feet above the floor.

So, I always thought it was a matter of too many books and too much space…

Funny bookstore picture

Sometimes, It’s a Slow News Day

This plaque could hang just about anywhere in the world because nothing of note, at least historically, happened on that particular day. However, 200 years later on September 15, 1972, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook Northern Illinois. I remember that day because I was sitting in the living room of a house in Sycamore, Illinois when my dog suddenly jumped up from where he was laying by my feet and scampered under a table in the corner of the room. A moment later everything around me shook just a little for a few seconds.

I guess I could have hung a plaque on that house: On This Site Sept. 5, 1972, My Dog Warned Me About an Impending Earthquake.

commemorative plaque: Nothing Happened