Robb in ChicagoRobb… Robert… and in a galaxy long forgotten and far, far away he was known as Bob, but his friends called him Joe.

Robb… wears an eye-patch, not because he’s a pirate or True Grit’s,┬áRooster Cogburn, but because he really needs to wear an eye patch. It’s a long story… but now his left eye barely works and better to leave it where it can be saved for another day.

In that far away and long ago galaxy Robb was a radio announcer and news-person who wrote skits for his morning show and news because the boss told him he had to write news. He also wrote a lot of commercials. If you ever listened to someone on the radio named: Bob Michaels, Bob Morgan, Rare Morgan, Bob Roberts, Robert Roberts, or Joe Weniger… you might have been listening to him. He has a good voice. This is him at a radio station [[[ add voice clip ]]. He has also spent time being a teacher, an insurance underwriter, and a carpet salesman… but he doesn’t remember doing any of those things and won’t talk about them.

He has a degree in English with Theater Arts and Communication Arts (which means he’ll act like he’s talking to you). He was born in Brooklyn, NY; raised in Chicago, IL; lived for a short time in Washington, DC; and for a long time in Wausau, WI. Now he lives in Southern California, I think. He has a daughter and a granddaughter

Robb enjoys reading, writing, cooking, bird-watching, and talking in the third person.

He spends most of his time writing blog posts, children’s books, poetry, short stories, and other stuff.

So, that makes him a writer.