I’ll make this quick, because today is bowling day for me. I’ve looked at a few things, but I have to leave in less than a half hour.

Today is National Cook for Your Pets day. I no longer have any pets, but I know there are some people who cook for their pets every day. You might want to try it once in awhile. It can be fun and if it’s really good, maybe your pet will share.

1. I grew up in Chicago where it seemed people who worked for the city government were experts at scamming the government. For instance, I remember a picture of some a Chicago Streets and Sanitation crew planting trees. One guy dug the hole, another guy took the tree off the truck, a third guy put the tree in the hole, a fourth guy pushed the dirt back around the tree, and a fifth guy supervised the other guys. There may have been a sixth guy in the truck who was the truck driver, but he wasn’t in the picture. The story said it took the crew at least  a half hour to plant a tree.

I thought about that after reading this story about a guy running for a seat on the Irvine, California City Council. I don’t know if this was one of the ways he financed his campaign or if it was simply the best job his mother could find, but he was seen dropping her off in a nearby town, Laguna Beach, where she sat in her wheelchair in the downtown district with a sign that reads, ‘please, help me.’ The story did not say how much money the 86-year-old woman panhandled in a day.

2. Apparently those who watch Fox News got to see a guest on one of the network’s shows who claimed the migrant’s who are marching through Mexico toward the United States will be spreading any number of dangerous diseases and if we let them in to the U.S.A. we will also be opening our doors for a number of potential epidemics.

3. These were a couple of the comic strips I saw today, that thought were funny:

4. This was a great costume. I hope he went door-to-door with it and didn’t just drive around the parking lot.

5. I didn’t have time to add this before I had to leave for bowling (I bowled well and probably added five points to what is a 150 average, getting closer to my usual, which around 160). My team didn’t do as well, but we split on the day. So, if you like watching birds or like to collect bird feathers you might find this article about identifying bird feathers as interesting as I did.

That’s my five things for today.


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