I was just watching the Senate interview with Bret Kavanaugh that took place last week after the Christine Balsey Ford interview. I did not watch her interview. I wanted to get an impression of Bret Kavanaugh and see for myself if I at least thought he might be okay on the Supreme Court. Years ago I watched the Clarence Thomas hearings and I could see why he was nominated. He was intelligent and acted like a judge.

Watching the Kavanaugh interview I was expecting to see a composed, rational, intelligent person, calmly explaining his actions and competently defending himself. That’s what I remember was the case when Clarence Thomas defended himself concerning the Anita Hill allegations. Whether or not I think Thomas was guilty or not is not within the scope of my comments here. The point is Clarence Thomas acted as I thought a judge should act. When his interview began Thomas delivered an opening statement expressing his disappointment the interview was even taking place. However, he acted like someone who could be a Justice of the Supreme Court. He was deliberate, yet calm.

Bret Kavanaugh, on the other hand, was not. His opening statement was very much like that of Thomas, but he was obviously angry. Watching the video was terribly disconcerting. Kavanaugh was visibly upset, belligerent, and disturbed. There were times I thought was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. When the Senators began questioning him I saw a man who was not as much trying to defend himself as a man very afraid the Senators are going to realize he was lying. I was embarrassed watching him.

When someone catches you in a lie, what do you do? Either you admit it and confess or you try to deflect it, change the subject, turn the questioning away from you. A person trying to take control of the questioning will often say ridiculous irrational things such as: “I like beer. Do you like beer, Senator? What do you like to drink?” or “You’re asking about black-outs. I don’t know, have you?”

I find it hard to imagine the Republicans truly believe Kavanaugh will be good for this country. There are better candidates, better possibilities. Affirming him for the Supreme Court could be disastrous for the Republicans. If they dump him now the Supreme Court is still likely to have another Trump nominated Justice. And it is far more likely that person will receive a fair hearing whether he is confirmed by two houses dominated by Republicans or Democrats or one of each.

If you haven’t seen the video yet (not clips, not pictures, not synopsis or analysis), watch it and after you’ve seen it see if you can honestly say, this guy would make an acceptable Supreme Court Justice. You might also want to watch some of Clarence Thomas’ hearing.

P.S. I did like Lindsey Graham’s statement, “You’re looking for a fair process? You came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend.” So true, there has been no such thing as a fair process in Washington for the past eight years, if not longer.

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