Yesterday Donald Trump said, “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.”

So far in recent U.S. history that has not been the case. Take a look at these.

Chart indicating Private Sector job growth has been better under Democrats

Not only has job growth been better, so has economic growth.

chart showing economic growth has been better under Democrats

Furthermore, a recent report by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs included this quote.

Quote from Woodrow Wilson school saying Democrats are better for the economy

Now, watch the entire story on MSNBC (I know, if you’re a Republican you might think this is fake news, but it doesn’t take much to do some research, see if you can find evidence to the contrary. Perhaps Trump’s administration is performing contrary to recent Republican Administrations, but so far much of what he has claimed is because of what his administration has accomplished concerning job creation has been due to actions by the previous administration).

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