An early half hour of my day was spent watching an enjoyable, somewhat funny, somewhat emotional video with James Corden and Michael Buble (never thought of Michael Buble as someone who didn’t like saxophones).

2. When I started buying things on Amazon back in 2004 I thought of it as little more than an online store. Over time it’s become much, much more than that. It’s gone from being a struggling online bookstore to being the king of e-commerce as well as the dominant force in the cloud computing industry it pioneered. It owns many other online retail sites, a number of brick and mortar stores including the Whole Foods grocery chain, and appears to be entering the health insurance industry. It stands to reason that it would also become a major player in the advertising world as a web-site where advertisers want to place ads just like they do on Google, Facebook, and thousands of other sites. In fact, according to this article Amazon might soon be making more money selling advertising than either Facebook or Google

3. You’ve probably seen this question when registering for access to a web site, “What is your favorite food?” I always have trouble with that one. Today my favorite food might be pizza, tomorrow it might be lasagna, and tomorrow it might be Pasta Puttanesca. I’m sure you noticed all three of those were Italian dishes which is probably because that’s what I grew up eating. Since then I’ve learned to like French, Mexican, Indian, American Indian, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Afghan, and Turkish foods. I’ve never learned to quite like Greek Thai, Chinese, or Japanese cuisines very much, although I wouldn’t run out to the nearest pizza place if Psari Plaki or Phat Thai was being served. Nevertheless, I never pass up the chance to learn more about my favorite cuisine. Years ago on my first trip to Italy, shortly after checking into my hotel in Rome I bought a slice of pizza in a nearby shop. The pizza maker commented on my Wisconsin t-shirt. I was delighted that he spoke fluent English. He told me all the cheese on my pizza was imported from Wisconsin and that he had learned how to make pizza in New York City. We agreed that was odd, an Italian going the States to learn how to make a dish that was born in his native country, but that’s why his crust was not Neapolitan, but New York style. Anyway, those were some of my thoughts while reading about different pizza crusts:

4. Then I looked at the comics… I thought these were funny.

Committed comic strip 10-31-18 - fairy tales Real Life Adventures comic strip 10-31-18 - Halloween







5. Then I read about the way one particular 19-year-old Boston fan celebrated the Red Sox World Series victory: Of course he got arrested for it, but he wasn’t the only one there who had a strange way of showing the joy a World Series can bring its fans.

That got me thinking about sports fans, because I was always under the impression that Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Los Angeles fans could be terrible. So, I looked it up. Turns out San Francisco didn’t even make the list, but Boston did, twice!


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