Today is my birthday. I guess that’s good. For many people their birthday is a day for celebration, often a lot of celebration.

Today, friends and family will wish me a happy birthday. I’ll get a few cards. I’ll be taken out to lunch or dinner. Maybe there will be a cake and candles and a few presents.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everything they say and do to acknowledge my birthday, but for me it’s just another day. I feel about the same as I did yesterday and I imagine I’ll feel about the same tomorrow.

It’s not that I don’t want to acknowledge I’m getting older, that in fact I’m old. My body tells me everyday in various ways that it’s breaking down, but in my head I’m still 23. I think a lot like I did then, although I know I’m not the same.

If no one was around to celebrate this day for me what would I do?

I’d do about the same things I do everyday. I’d thank the Lord for another day. I’d enjoy the sun, clouds, flowers, rain, trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, water. I’d spend a few moments commiserating or laughing or both with family, friends, and acquaintances. I’d do some reading and try to learn something knew, although that seems to get a little harder every day for this old dog.

In short I’d do my best to enjoy this world and this life. Today though, I’d probably take a moment to relish the fact I’ve added another year to my mental file cabinet and I’ll say a quiet thank you to all those who’ve helped me get this far.

So, in the end I guess This is not just another ordinary day.

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