Right now, I’m fortunate enough to be living in one of the most pleasant places in the United States, even though I’m barely able to afford living here. That’s why I’m considering moving to an area that is only 25% as pleasant, but much more affordable.

Where I am now I need to turn on the heater only about 30 days a year and I could use air-conditioning about 20. Where I’m thinking of moving I’ll need that heater at least 100 days a year and air conditioning about 120.

When I was 30 years I was in college I got a job offer I decided not to take. I discussed it with one of my teachers who said, “I’m sure you’ll love living there, but you’re probably going to get paid barely enough to live on because they’ll be adding those mountains to your paycheck. Sure enough, the pay was going to be just a little above minimum wage, so I decided not to take the job.

Here in California, that’s the way it is for most people living here: the pleasant weather, the ocean, the lakes, and mountains are all tossed into the paycheck.

If you’re wondering how pleasant it is where you live compared to the rest of the country (and maybe the places where you might want to live), take a look at this interactive map.

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