Derek Holland really sucks!
Mike Pelfrey really sucks!
James Shields still sucks!

As long as the Sox are terrible and likely to stay terrible for the rest of the season wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to be terrible while building their future?
I remember back in 2004 when the Royals brought up a promising pitcher named Zach Greinke. His first year he was 8 – 11. In 2005 he was 5 – 17, The spent most of the next year in the minors and pitched in just three games in the majors. He returned to the Royals full-time and was 39 – 32 and went from being an also-ran to an ace.
Maybe it’s time for the Sox to get rid of those three dunderheads and bring up Carson Fullmer, Michael Kopech, and either Reynaldo Lopez or Lucas Gioloto.
It would be soooo much more fun and soooo much more promising if the Sox got a top five draft pick next year with those rookies getting major league experience than with the three blockheads who will not be with the Sox next year and are wasting valuable innings this year.
I’m expecting Quintana will be traded soon. Most likely David Holmberg will move back out of the bullpen to replace Quintana in the rotation. That would be an OK move because he’s only 26 years old and can still be considered part of the Sox future rather than merely a placeholder. While Rick Hahn is at it maybe it’s time to bring up Zach Burdi and a couple other bullpen prospects to fill the empty spots when Holmberg returns to the rotation and Gregory Infante gets released.
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