I have been documenting my trip to Chicago. So far I have been riding the Southwest chief that left LA Friday, July 14 at least a half hour late and since then has been running 90+ minutes late the entire trip. 

Now we are in Albuquerque and have been sitting here more than half an hour without power. That means toilets don’t flush. It means there’s no air conditioning and the temperature is around 90. And it means there are at least 300 very upset passengers who are on their way to Chicago.

The power and air conditioning went on about 20 minutes after I wrote the above paragraph, but it was awhile before the train finally pulled out of Albuquerque – 2:25 late. I sincerely doubt we will arrive in Chicago any better than 90 minutes late.

I think we deserve a full refund for this trip because of the anguish and agony Amtrak has put us through. We purchased tickets in good faith that our train would be on time and we would travel in reasonable comfort. While the staff has worked admirably, #Amtrak has failed us miserably.

Here’s a short video of the ‘dead’ Amtrak Southwest Chief in Albuquerque.