John Hancock Bldg., ChicagoSometimes I see something that almost makes sense, but my mind simply does not compute. This is a picture of the John Hancock Center in Chicago. I love this building. If you ever get the chance go to the sky deck on a night when there are fireworks at Navy Pier, go. Fireworks offer a different experience when you look down on them. It’s what I imagine ants might look like if they were ever able to light up some ant-sized sparklers.

The first time I ever saw the Hancock like this, with its top hidden in the clouds I wondered what kind of view there was from the sky deck. I never found out, but I imagine it’s sort of like being on a plane flying through the clouds.

When I saw the picture on the right, I wondered how the photographer (Alberto Tretti) managed to take it.John Hancock Building, Chicago

Just looking at it makes me dizzy. I thought, he must have stood with his back to the building and held the camera over his head.

Actually, the process is more simple than that. It doesn’t involve any special physical gymnastics. You just have to turn any picture upside down when you post it (or hang it on your wall) to change the perspective and make somebody like me a bit dizzy!

You probably figured that out long before you read this, but it took me about 10 minutes to realize the photographer didn’t really do anything special.

As I said, sometimes my brain does not compute.

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