Did you know Crepes are not pronounced like Crayps. Rather the correct French pronounciation is Creps. I know, back in second or maybe third grade you were taught to change the sound of that first ‘e’ if there was another ‘e’ in the last sylable (or near the end) of the word. As far as I’m concerned you can keep saying Crepes anyway you want.

I’ve made these with Garbanzo Bean Flour, Almond Meal, and Cashew Meal. The garbanzo been flour gives it a nice texture, but an unusual flavor. The almond meal gives a little rougher texture and the mixture has to be stirred often, otherwise the almond meal tends to sink to the bottom. The cashew flour is easily the best. Doesn’t compromise the flavor, gives a nice texture and doesn’t have to be restirred.Crepe

For filling a good fruit-only jam will work, but I like to cook some fruit, carmelize it a little (especially bananas) and use that. Sometimes I stir the cooked fruit into some cream cheese or riccotta.

My favorite way to eat these is right out of the pan, without any filling. Then, instead of water I usually stir in a comparable amount of Amaretto.

  • Minutes to Prepare: 10
  • Minutes to Cook: 3
  • Number of Servings: 4



  • Wisk together eggs. Add in almond flour, water, honey and salt. Make sure there are no lumps! If not using batter until later, cover and refrigerate, then stir again before using.
  • To test if your pan is hot enough, flick some water on it. If the water dances, the pan is ready. Also, if you get a Crepes pan, you’ll find it much easier to make these than if you use a high walled pan such as a typical skillet.
  • Heat pan and add a little olive oil. Pour 1/4 – 1/2 cup of batter on the pan. The batter should sizzle and pop upon contact. Tilt or swirl pan to evenly distribute the batter around. Flip when set and top is still shiny – it doesn’t take long! I found I could only cook one crepe at a time.

Crepes can be frozen but separate each with individual pieces of parchment paper.


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